Refurbished Laptops Quality Checking Process

DigiStor certified Refurbished laptops go through a detailed and rigorous testing process.

Power On and Boot Test:

  • Ensure the laptop powers on smoothly and boots into the operating system without errors.
  • Verify if there are any unusual noises or beeps during the boot process.

Keyboard and Touchpad Check:

  • Test all keys and touchpad functions to ensure proper responsiveness and functionality.
  • Check for any missing, stuck, or unresponsive keys.
  • Verify if the touchpad gestures are working correctly.

Connectivity Check:

  • Test Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other relevant ports like USB, HDMI, and Ethernet for proper functionality.
  • Ensure a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth pairing.
  • Confirm all ports are free of debris and damage.

Battery Test:

  • Verify the battery can hold a reasonable charge for basic usage
  • Ensure the battery doesn't bulge or exhibit any visible signs of damage.

Fan and Cooling System Check:

  • Ensure fans are operational and not excessively noisy.
  • Clean any dust buildup from vents for optimal cooling.

Screen Check:

  • Inspect the screen for scratches, cracks, or backlight inconsistencies under different lighting conditions.
  • Gently apply light pressure to different areas of the screen to see if there are any dead pixels that appear or disappear under pressure. This can sometimes uncover hidden issues not detected by static tests.
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